Good morning loves and HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s such a beautiful day outside and I thought I’d share how I styled one of my FAVORITE BLOUSES ever. I love any simple, white blouse. I am a complete sucker for black and white combinations and I love this one, plus the pop of pink and nude pumps completes it in a really classy way, I think.

This bag is adorable, but I got it at some random small boutique in LA so I can’t link the exact one below, but I’ll do my best to find something similar! I know that Michael Kors makes satchels very similar to this, so perhaps I’ll link something like that at the bottom of the post. I think everyone should have one bag that’s a bright, fun color they love so they can wear it with outfits that are a little more plain. It really makes the bag pop, thus the entire outfit seems really put together.

The one thing I tried so hard to find but couldn’t was this old statement necklace of mine. I’ll link some statement necklaces at the bottom of the post but they won’t look too much like this one – I’m sorry! I did my best! But the ones I did link are all gorgeous in their own ways. I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, woohoo!

Blouse: Bohme Boutique | Jeggings: Express, similar ones here | Pumps: Candies, similar ones here | Bag: Local LA Boutique, similar one here | Necklace: Old, cute ones here, here, here, here and here