Morning, loves! I hope you all had a great weekend as I did. I spent some time with my Joey and family and then we went to the Urban Flea Market downtown; I found a very sexy piece that I’m incredibly excited to style sometime soon! In the meantime, it’s kind of a dreary day in Salt Lake City but I thought I’d share a very fun, flirty, and summery outfit for a night out. I bought this pair of shorts last summer from Express so I don’t think I’ll be able to link the exact one below, but I’ll try to find something similar. As you can probably tell, my signature outfit is a combination of black and white colors and/or patterns, so I feel very stylish in this – and myself! I love pairing anything long sleeved or 3/4 sleeved but showing off a lot of leg, it’s really evens things out for me as far as modesty goes.

I hope you all had a superb weekend and enjoy this outfit! Here’s to many Mondays where we think of all that is positive in the world and how lucky we are to be here instead of all the negativity in the media these days. I’m trying (and succeeding!) in spending each morning focusing on everything I have, the people in my life that support and love me, and the things I don’t need but have and how lucky I am that I still have opportunities in this world. I hope you all have a really splendid Monday.

Blouse: Express | Shorts: Express, similar ones here | Bag: H&M, similar one here | Shoes: Candies, similar ones here | Necklaces: Katie Waltman | Watch: Michael Kors