Good morning lovelies and Happy Monday! I hope you’re all having such a fabulous start to the week so far. I got my planner this weekend and I’ve been writing and planning posts diligently; I’m so excited for what’s to come this year! I’ve worked (what feels like) longer and longer hours on my blog and perfecting things left and right lately, so I’m really stepping things up this year with posts and a variety of topics. It’s so exciting and I’m glad I get to express myself on this platform!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had quite the snowfall here so my husband and I stayed in for the most part, with the exception of going to IHOP for some pancakes and Noodles & Co. for their delicious chicken noodle soup to warm up from the chilly weather. I looooooooove that soup, I eat at Noodles frequently and still have yet to get sick of that soup. It makes you feel so cozy and warm and is an excellent way to help prevent colds. It really does work, and it tastes phenomenal. Just so classic and so salty (my fave thing about any dish).

Today’s post (and Wednesday’s upcoming post) is all about my collaboration with Dress Collective! Dress Collective is a formal and semi-formal dress rental company in Orem, Utah. They specialize in helping women of all ages, shapes, and sizes find their very best-fitting dress for any occasion, from dances to formal events, etc. I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner about taking photos in some of the gorgeous dresses they have available, and I’m so, so excited to finally share them! Since there are so many photos, I’m going to share some on today’s post and the rest on Wednesday’s post. The dresses I chose are amazingly comfortable and made me feel like such a princess; I have no doubt they’ll make you feel the same way. I hope you all enjoy the looks and make sure to check out the Dress Collective website!


Dress: Dress Collective | Shoes: Just Fab



  1. January 24, 2018 / 4:52 am

    Girl, you better work! Joe did such a good job on this pictures! Give him a high five for me, I wish I was close to Utah and I had money to pay him because I would be booking him tomorrow. I’m loving these dresses, they are so pretty I especially love the color and the print. However, I can never justify buying a dress like that, I mean were would I wear it?

    • February 12, 2018 / 6:20 am

      I wish you were super close to us too, Gigi! That would be such a godsend, we could hang out all the time and talk all things blogging hahah, I would love it. I will certainly extend the love and high five to Joe, he appreciates your kindness so much. He would totally take photos of you if you lived near us!
      And pshhh I couldn’t either, which is why I rented it. 😉 But agreed, other than my blog, I have no idea where I’d wear it ether. Someone invite me to a fancy art gala!

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