Good morning lovelies! Today I thought I’d do something funny and a little different for my post… I’m sharing my fashion pet peeves! I’m sharing trends that I believe need to be done and over with for…well, forever! 😉 I think everyone out there has seen certain trends that they really dislike and many speak out about them and may also don’t. I mean no harm to anyone by posting these photos, I just wanted to share some laughs with my fellow readers! I hope you enjoy. I go through some explanations a bit more in the post.

  • Top Left: Ripped denim boots… WHY? I really think these are so unflattering. It may have something to do with me not being a huge fan of denim already, but in any case – stop!
  • Top Right: Mom jeans! I know these are back in style and so many stars and bloggers are wearing them – and that’s ok! I just personally think they look unflattering no matter what.
  • Middle left: I know these purses aren’t seen everywhere anymore but there are still kiosks here in Salt Lake that sell them at shopping malls and I cannot express how hideous they are to me. Anything with rhinestones and studs like that, ugh… I can’t do it. It’s so over the top and tacky. And look at that side pocket for your phone! That’s outrageous!
  • Bottom Left: Sneaker wedges. I really don’t think I need to say more about those.
  • Bottom Right: COLD SHOULDER TOPS! I can’t with these anymore. They were cute for a while but I’m seeing SO many adorable tops and jackets and the second I pull it off the rack and notice those cold shoulders? I put it back. I’m a cold woman… Cold all the time! I’m done with the uncovered shoulders thing.

  • Left: Shorts… that are pants…that are kinda shorts too. I don’t know, you guys. I just don’t know. This pair is also several hundred dollars. Why? I see how flattering it could be as just shorts, or just sweats – that’d be super cute! But that space in between? I definitely don’t understand. Perhaps I am too traditional and need to step outside my fashion comfort zone. In any case, not for me!
  • Top Middle: Okay this is just unacceptable. Please don’t wear really thin leggings that are clearly meant with long sweaters or dresses to be worn alone as pants. That’s what jeggings are for, and they come in various colors and fabrics, not just denim! Many of my posts include thick black jeggings and they’re all opaque enough that you never see my undies or ass cheeks, hah! Anyway, please don’t. So unflattering.
  • Top Right: A shirt, or any shirt, that says thuggin’ on it. What? Also, that’s clearly a wannabe LV Supreme logo.
  • Bottom Middle: These high/low dresses were cute for just a bit but I am so over seeing them. I feel like they’re costumes for characters in a play or something at this point, I don’t see them as fashionable any longer.
  • Bottom Right: Tie up body suits! Ah! As sexy as these may look on many women, I’ve seen them too many times to think they look appealing anymore. I just think the industry is extremely saturated with them and thankfully fall is coming so I won’t have to see many more of them… Until next summer!

  • Top Left: Denim shorts that are so short the actual pockets are longer than the shorts. I can’t with these. It’s so unflattering and trashy.
  • Top Right: Over the top stiletto nails! AHH! How can you possibly wipe your ass with these?!
  • Bottom Left: Overly distressed jeans! I love, love, LOVE distressed denim, I’ve shared it on my blog before and I think the look is gorgeous. However – this is over the top. There are 2 enormous chunks of pants missing… How much fabric are you really paying for, here? Hm!
  • Bottom Right: I love socks. I love sandals. I do not like to mix the two. There are SOME bloggers out there that pair socks with sandals and it actually really works. For the most part though, the look is a bit tacky.


  1. September 8, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    Girl, I think you scared me for life with this post. I hate talon finger nails, they were popular with a lot of black women back in the day and I always hated them. I’m also not a fan of those denim boots, they are just so tacky. I saw someone on the red carpet wearing these and I was like girl no! But I do love cold shoulder tops, I think they are really cute, but brands have been saturating the market with these which can be annoying. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this post and I hope you have a wonderful weekend Martina!

      September 13, 2017 / 4:00 am

      Hahaha I love your responses so much, Gig, you’re hilarious! The denim boots ARE so tacky, right? So glad you agree. And those fingernails, goodness. What on earth can you even accomplish with those?! Thank you for stopping by, as always, Gigi, and thanks for your insight! <3