Good morning and happy (finally) Friday everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far, and I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. Today I wanted to share some supplements and a few other workout related products on the blog. I cannot express to you how much I love these Old School Labs workout supplements. I really, really can’t. I’ve used several kinds over the years but nothing really compares to Old School Labs products. They’re delicious and very effective, and I don’t ever feel sick or fatigued while taking them, or after they kick in. I use the pre-workout “Vintage Blast”, the muscle preserving fat burner “Vintage Burn” twice a day, and finally their 3-In-1 essential muscle builder “Vintage Build” after the workout. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but if you’re just going to try one at a time, I recommend starting with Vintage Blast. I’ve never felt so powerful and motivated to work out than I do on Vintage Blast. It tastes really good and it lasts a long time. I really can’t say enough about these products – and this wasn’t even sponsored!

I hope you enjoy the post! I’ve also added some of my other favorite workout products, like resistance bands and my fave headphones, etc. I hope you enjoy! Links at the bottom of the post.

Post Workout: Vintage Build | Fat Burner: Vintage Burn | Pre-Workout: Vintage Blast | Boxing Gloves: Revgear | Water Bottle: Local dance boutique, similar one here | Headphones: House of Marley | Head Wrap: Nike | Resistant Band: Part of a set here | Set of 3 Stretch Bands: Bally’s Total Fitness