Thank gooooooodness it’s Friday. I can’t wait for the weekend! It’s been an exhausting week and I’m so, so ready to relax and just chill with my hubby. We rarely get time together so when we do get it, we really appreciate it and take the most out of it. I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans, too! Whether it’s running errands, bar hopping, pumpkin carving, going to a haunted house or corn maze, or just staying in and binge-watching Stranger Things Season 2, I hope it’s wonderful. We take so much of our free time for granted and I’m really beginning to focus more and more on taking the most out of my time, on really engaging in activities that make me the most happy and help me grow. I’m excited for this weekend and I think I’m going to film my intro video for my blog; can’t wait!

With that, I’d like to talk about something I recently had the luck to purchase thanks to the company that I work for! I recently bought (specifically for photos and videos for my blog) a ring light from Amazon by Neewer! My husband has purchased products from Neewer before and was always been satisfied with them, so when he told me they had a ring light set for a VERY good price, I was ecstatic to try it out. I was a bit hesitant from just a select few of the reviews saying there were parts missing (there aren’t, some models come with some accessories and others don’t, you just have to pay attention to that), and saying the light wasn’t bright enough (it SO is) but my experience was completely different. I’m so happy with the product and the light is incredibly bright. I took some photos with my phone below and that’s with the dimmer for the light turned almost all the way down – it’s nowhere near the full capacity, which is crazy! I also took some selfies with no filter so you can see the effect the light has on my face. I hope you all enjoy! This is a total must-have for bloggers and vloggers!

This is what it looks like put together and with the light on. And look! There’s a stand for your phone as well as a digital camera. SO cool!

This is what the set looks like on Amazon. Link below!

These are the selfies I took when I put it all together and stood right in front of the light. It also comes with a bluetooth shutter remote so you can stand anywhere and take the photo on your phone. I love it!