Good hump day, woo! Today I wanted to share this leather pencil skirt and crop top look with sneakers (of course) to show you how easy it is to have an outfit for daytime and just change up the shoes and be ready for an evening dinner or drinks. I know I’ve said this before but I really love the skirt with sneakers look this season and I really just pair what I think looks good, I don’t care that it may be a faux pas to some – your style is what you make it and nobody can take that away from you. With that said, I am LOVING this leather pencil skirt with a crop top and my Superstar Adidas. It actually makes me feel like a superstar! The wind was blowing intensely that day so my hair was all over the place. It was kind of obnoxious, but didn’t stop me from showing you all how I paired these pieces! I hope you enjoy; outfit details at the bottom. 😉

Crop Top: Express, similar (and cheap!) one here | Skirt: G by Giuliana (HSN), similar one here | Bag: Local LA Boutique, similar one here | Necklaces: Katie Waltman Boutique | Watch: Michael Kors